Project Management-Supervision

The persistent monitoring of the smooth response, during the development of construction work, in the initial budget, the continuous, according to the applicable Greek and international regulations and specifications quality control, the selection of renowned, Trained and communicative flexible technical workshops and the supply of the construction site with detailed construction plans applying details, whenever requested, are some of the elements that characterize us.


Architectural Design

Our aim is to convey the vision and desire of our employer-partner in architectural design. In the process we set high goals in aesthetic, spatial, energy and ecological issues, incorporating modern architectural concepts and technical specifications. Utilizing digital photorealistic imaging in our studies we can offer a direct acquaintance with the product of our project.


Cost estimation-quality control

In the selection of the construction materials of the bearing organism, the architectural arrangements and the mechanical installations we seek the optimum solution documenting every aspect of our choices. The respect of the client’s financial margins does not limit us to the search and of the best possible options of functionality, durability, aesthetics in relation to the expense.


House Management

 MAIN SERVICES: Inspection Visits, Key holding service, Bill management, Cleaning service

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE SERVICES: Pool/Lawn/Garden maintenance, Plumbing/Electrical/Sewage/Waste, Painting and Decorating, Air condition maintenance / Garden Care & Cleaning

OTHER SERVICES: TV Satellite installation, Security, Insurance arrangement, Accountant and legal consultation, Property – Rental services, Car rental, Transportation arrangements, Travel and excursion, Pet care assistance, Emergency call out service



Every space that needs renovation has its own special features. Our long experience in home renovation and the construction of houses, combined with our specialized crews enables us to complete renovations quickly, economically and with excellent results.

Κύριες Υπηρεσίες